With over 10 years experience The Technology Store can pick the right Satellite TV or Satellite Radio plan to meet your needs. Installation available for residential, commercial, auto, marine, RV/campers, houseboats and more. In most cases systems can be installed within 24 hours. Dish & Directv
• Plasma and LCD Flat screen TVs. SONY & Samsung
• Water proof televisions for outdoor applications such as boats, patios, decks, etc.
• Extra large screens for commercial applications such as banks, hospitals, restaurants, etc.
• Systems for your car, boat and RV/camper
• Professional installation
• Professionally installed surround sound systems
See Bose or Yamaha
• Water proof speakers, amps and subwoofers for outdoor applications such as boats, patios, decks, etc.
• Large speaker systems for commercial applications
• Waterproof CD players ready for Sirius or XM Satellite radio
• Intercom systems
• Car audio systems and installation
• Weatherproof sound for your Jeep® or boat
Let The Technology Store design and build a custom entertainment center for you.
• Unique designs
• Centers look as if they were built into the house
• Professionally constructed
• Built to accommodate your entire system
The Technology Store can put a complete movie theater in your home.
• Professionally installed surround sound systems
• Custom movie theater seating
• Staggered flooring for optimum viewing
• Swivel racks to conceal the control center
• Overhead or rear projection
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