Virtually Invisible® 191 speakers

BOS315094 - Graphite Gray
Experience spacious sound from speakers that blend into your room so beautifully, only their noteworthy performance will remind you they're there. Virtually Invisible® 191 speakers connect to your stereo or surround sound components. They deliver wide, spacious sound coverage from speakers that almost disappear into your walls or ceiling.

Design blends in. Sound stands out

Bose® 191 speakers deliver the lifelike sound you want for stereo and home theater. They're designed for unobtrusive, flush-mount placement in walls or ceilings and are easy to install. They can even be painted to match your room. Proprietary Bose technologies can make a difference in everything you listen to. It’s music to your ears—and easy on your eyes.

Turn on your favorite CD or settle in with a DVD and let rich, natural sound fill your room. You'll enjoy lifelike spaciousness and balanced stereo sound throughout the listening area with our Articulated Array® speaker design. And you'll experience Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance almost anywhere you sit in the room, rather than the smaller "sweet spots" most conventional speakers provide.

Performance you can count on

A proprietary ported enclosure delivers smooth, consistent low-frequency response, regardless of where the speaker is placed. This innovative approach compensates for unpredictable environments behind walls or above ceilings that can diminish performance. The enclosure also directs lower frequencies into the listening area where they are installed, and prevents them from radiating directly into adjoining rooms.

The enclosure allows for easy placement in the wall or ceiling. Speakers come with both rectangular and round grilles, so you can flush-mount your choice to either surface. And when they're painted to match your walls or ceilings, they blend right in.

Consider the benefits of Bose quality sound from a high-performing flush-mount speaker that's easily installed. And leave your floor space open to new possibilities.
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