Lifestyle® SA-2 stereo amplifier

BOS34993 - Black
Our SA-2 stereo amplifier works with your Lifestyle® system and Bose® speakers to bring music to an additional room in your home, or even outdoors. With select Lifestyle® systems* you can even enjoy jazz on the patio while the kids watch a movie in the den. At the same time, from the same system. Only Bose delivers this unique blend of performance, elegance, simplicity and expandability so you can enjoy a whole-home entertainment experience unlike any other.

Bose® link makes it possible. And the Lifestyle® SA-2 stereo amplifier makes it easy. Simply connect the speakers in the second area to the SA-2 amplifier. Then connect the amplifier to the Bose® link output in the back of your Lifestyle® media center with just one cable (included).

The amplifier is easy to install, and you can even connect multiple amplifiers seamlessly to one Lifestyle® system for up to 14 additional areas of sound—indoors or out. Patented Bose technology ensures high-quality sound performance, automatically adjusting tonal balance. And you can control your music easily in each additional area with a dedicated Lifestyle® expansion remote control (sold separately).
The SA-2 amplifier is small enough to be easily hidden on the floor or on a shelf. You can even mount it to a wall or a floor joist. Use it to:

* Extend the performance of your Lifestyle® system to an additional room, or even outdoors, with Bose® link
* Power Bose 151® SE environmental speakers, Virtually Invisible® 191 speakers, 161™ speakers, Acoustimass® 3 speakers and 201® Direct/Reflecting® speakers
* Enjoy your Lifestyle® system in up to 14 additional listening areas by seamlessly connecting up to 14 SA-2 or SA-3 amplifiers

Product specifications:
Amplifier measures 3 1/2"H x 14 1/8"W x 5 1/2"D (9 x 36 x 13.8 cm)
Weight in carton: 7.6 lbs. (3.45 kg)
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